TBT to 2012, when I illustrated the book Trenzas (Spanish word for braids) written by María Luisa Bombal (1910-1980), one of my favorites Chilean authors! The book was published by Liberalia Ediciones. For more info, check my website

FINALLY I have some time to wrap these prints! Thanks for the patience! I don’t have enough time to run an online store, but for the past 2 years I have been selling prints to those who contact me directly. If you are interested, shoot me an email! ⚡️ :)


Last night with my painting in the opening of Chrysalis Stage show! What an amazing event and turnout! Thanks everyone for coming!

Muy feliz y agradecida por este artículo que apareció esta semana en el diario La Segunda. Gracias a Ale Briones que lo hizo posible! Ya que muchas personas me han preguntado, sólo quería aclarar que estoy residiendo y estudiando en Minneapolis, ya que al parecer hubo una confusión con las ciudades. Independiente de eso, feliz con la difusión! ✌️

A few months ago a series of my work (right page) was selected as part of the winners of Creative Quarterly 34, but only recently the issue was printed… and today I got my copy in the mail! ✌️

Thanks to everyone who shared and comment this new project yesterday! For those who still don’t know it, I invite you to WILDIUM, my new blog with illustrated micro-stories (a.k.a. comics): check it out www.wildium.tumblr.com

Thanks to everyone who shared and commented this new project yesterday! For those who still do not know it, I invite you to WILDIUM my new blog with illustrated micro-stories: www.wildium.tumblr.com
Gracias a todos los que ayer compartieron y comentaron el nuevo proyecto! Para los que aún no lo conocen, los invito a WILDIUM, mi nuevo blog de micro historias ilustradas: www.wildium.tumblr.com

Friends! I would like to invite you to a new project that I started developing a couple of weeks ago but only now I decided to officially launch. I invite you all to WILDIUM, a place where they will find micro stories about two characters in a wild land. I’m not an expert on comics, so for me this is more a project of illustration and storytelling. 
You are welcome to visit the blog at www.wildium.tumblr.com